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Why choose us?

If you Google for similar services to ours you will find lots but mostly they are one man band Chinese operators disguised as larger organisations. So it’s a matter of TRUST! Who would you rather trust to manage your company dealings in China, a Chinese one man band or a well established, organized and experienced company? Our company has two offices one in Wuzhen located in Zhejiang Province and the other in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province. The company is owned by two native English speakers with over 30 years China business consultancy experience between them, who just happen to be supported by a talented multi-lingual team. In addition, the senior and supporting teams have extensive knowledge of Chinese business practices and culture. We also possess high level connections (Guanxi) in several Chinese cities and provinces. Trust and the right connections are paramount when doing business in China! So choose a company that you can trust who has the right connections to help your business.


● Supplier & Factory Inspections.

● Product & Materials Sourcing and Quality Assurance.

● Fact Finding and Research Projects.

● Office Address and Virtual Office Services.

● Representing your organization and trade shows and events.

● Company introductions and instigating Joint Venture Partnerships in industry, commerce and educational fields.


OUR SERVICES THAT HELP YOU! We offer the following high quality services to help your company start up, develop and grow its business in China. We are totally independent from suppliers…WE are YOUR Partner…our aim is to help your company excel in doing business in China.

Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement Outsourcing Services china and UK Specialist, You Can Trust.

Ecommerce Service

Your Most Reliable Ecommerce Service Provider in China.

Import and Export

Import and Export Services through China | We Make Your Global Trading Easy.

Who We Are

We have years of experience and have many years in high level business consultancy and we have worked with many international and Chinese companies including IBM, Honda and Huawei Technologies.

About Us

We are Paul and Joseph. We are both from the UK but have been living and working in China since 1999. WE are YOUR trusted partner when doing business in China. WE are YOUR eyes and ears! OUR talented, experienced and multi-lingual team is dedicated to helping YOU achieve YOUR China business consultancy goals, solve YOUR problems and exploit China based opportunities for YOU! Quite simply – OUR team is YOUR team! All of our staff are focused on helping your company doing business in China.